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    2545_imgMod. 2545

    2545 is the electronic oval gears flow meter for oil, approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005, Directive 2014/32/EU. The 2545 meter is composed by control gun, rubber protection guard, trigger guard, oil flow control pipe with sight glass, flexible rubber outlet, ø 1/2”, with curved rigid 90° stem, automatic anti-drip nozzle and inlet swivel 1/2” BSP (M).
    The flow meter fully meets the requirements of the OIML R117-1 (Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than water – Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements, edition 2007) and Welmec 7.2 software guide, May 2011.

    For the conformance with the specifications of the Directive it is necessary to use the approved flow meter always in combination with a pump that is equipped with an approved air separator unit which can assure the required working conditions.
    In order to facilitate the choice of suitable MID-approved components, can be found also a variety of complete MID-approved kits for the supply of lubricants.
    On demand, the flow meter of series “MID MI-005” can be equipped with a data transmission system that allows to store the data of all single operations on a suitable electronic device (PC, tablet, etc).

    Viscosity range of lubricants94 – 185 mPa*s
    Flow range0,5 – 10 l/min
    Min. measurable quantity0,5 l
    Accuracy class0,5 (MID-MI005 – OIML R117-1)
    Operating temperature range+ 5°C / + 40°C
    Working pressure range1 – 20 bar
    Display resolution degree0,005 l
    Mechanical environment categoryM1
    Electromagnetic enviroment categoryE2
    Checksum codecksum E57E
    Protection categoryIP 64
    Underlying CE directives2004/108/CE 2006/95/CE
    Underlying CE normsCEI EN 61000-4-2 CEI EN 61000-4-2 A1 CEI EN 61000-4-2 A2 CEI EN 61000-4-3
    Single operations data storing capacity2000 record dati
    Composition of storable single operations datanumero sequenziale della singola erogazione; anno di erogazione; mese e giorno di erogazione;
    ora di erogazione; quantità erogata nella erogazione eseguita; quantità erogata totale.

    CE test certificate no.: MID B_16_2

    MID certificate no.: CE M16 0476

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