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    Electronic oval gears flow meter for AdBlue®, approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005, Directive 2014/32/EU, with plastic control gun, fluid flow control pipe with sight glass, rigid outlet ø 12 mm with automatic anti-drip nozzle in stainless steel, inlet swivel adaptor in stainless steel 1/2” BSP (M), rubber protection guard.

    Attestato di esame CE: MID 89_B_2

    Certificazione MID: CE M16 0476




    Operating conditions for the use
    Fluid typeAdBlue® AUS32
    Flow range0,5 – 10 l/min
    Min. measurable quantity0,5 l
    Accuracy class0,5 (MID MI-005 – OIML R117-1)
    Operating temperature range+ 5°C / + 40°C
    Working pressure range1 – 4 bar
    Display resolution degree0,005 l
    Mechanical environment categoryM1
    Electromagnetic enviroment categoryE2
    Checksum codecksum E57E
    Protection categoryIP 64
    Underlying CE directives2004/108/CE 2006/95/CE
    Underlying CE normsCEI EN 61000-4-2 CEI EN 61000-4-2 A1 CEI EN 61000-4-2 A2 CEI EN 61000-4-3
    Quantity of storable single operations data2000
    Composition of storable single operations dataSerial number of single dispense
    Year of dispense
    Month and day of dispense
    Time of dispense
    Dispensed quantity for single operation
    Absolute total of dispensed quantities
    CE test certificate no: MID 57_B_1
    MID certificate no: CE M16 0476

    Contalitri digitale ad alta precisione a ingranaggi ovali per AdBlue®, certificato secondo la norma MID MI-005, Direttiva 2004/22/CE completa di pistola di erogazione, visualizzatore trasparente del passaggio del fluido, tubetto ø 12 mm in acciaio inox con antigoccia automatico inox, giunto girevole inox MM 1/2”, gomma paracolpi.

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