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    2914_imgMod. 2914MID

    Mobile pneumatic oil dispensing kit with with hose reel and heavy duty trolley equipped with bigger wheels suitable also for the use on rough surfaces, for 208 l – drums, with air separator, approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005, Directive 2014/32/EU, consisting of:

    • Pneumatic double acting 3:1 – oil pump;
    • Air separator kit with automatic pump stop device (stopping the pump as soon as air is sucked into the suction line due to an empty drum or tank), approved according to OIML R117-1;
    • Manometer for outlet pressure control;
    • Plastic bung adapter for the fixation of pumps on drums;
    • Heavy duty trolley with 4 wheels and grate;
    • Open hose reel;
    • 15 m – rubber hose ø 1/2”;
    • 1 m – rubber connection hose ø 1/2”;
    • Electronic oval gears flow meter for oil, approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005, Directive 2014/32/EU;
    • Pressure regulator with manometer, condensation water separator and lubricator.

    The configuration of components in this kit meets all metrological standards and requirements concerning accuracy defined in the Directive MID MI-005 and can be used therefore as approved system also in legal transactions.


    Weight: 94 Kg
    Dimensions (L-W-H) (mm): 790x900x1400

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