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    2984_imgMod. 2984MID

    Stationary pneumatic oil dispensing kit, for 208 l – drums, approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005, Directive 2014/32/EU, consisting of:

    • Pneumatic double acting 5:1 – oil pump;
    • Wall bracket in painted steel, for the fixation of the pump;
    • Suction tube in galvanized steel, ø 40 mm, length 950 mm, with 90° – curved connection 1” BSP (M), with foot valve and bung adapter 2” BSP (M) x 40 mm, suitable for the use in 208 l – drums;
    • 1.5 m – rubber suction hose ø 1”, connections 1” BSP (F-F);
    • Air separator kit, approved according to OIML R117-1;
    • manometer for outlet pressure control;
    • Open hose reel, adjustable arms series;
    • 15 m – rubber hose ø 1/2”;
    • 2 m – rubber connection hose ø 1/2”;
    • Electronic oval gears flow meter for oil, approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005, Directive 2014/32/EU;
    • Pressure regulator with manometer, condensation water separator and lubricator.

    The configuration of components in this kit meets all metrological standards and requirements concerning accuracy defined in the Directive MID MI-005 and can be used therefore as approved system also in legal transactions.



    • Pivoting wall bracket for hose reel (only suitable for single installations);
    • Safety device for the controlled rewind of hoses, art. no. /HB.


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